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Eumitis in ancient Greek language means good mind. This was the real name of Kleovoulini, daughter of  Kleovoulos, and she was exactly what: a great mind.

According to the philologist and writer, Anthoula Chatzigeorgiou, “Kleovoulini was a poet and philosopher, with remarkable intelligence, erudition and judgment”.

She was born in Lindos, Rhodes in the middle of the 6th century BC.

Her father was Kleovoulos, one of the seven sages.

As we said actually she was called Eumitis, but she became known as Kleovoulini thanks to the name of her father.

She wrote riddles and enigmas in elegiac measure like that rescued by Pamphili in pleadings: refers to the TIME, the MONTHS and the DAYS-NIGHTS:

"A father has twelve children. 

Of these, each has twice thirty daughters with opposite face. 

Some are white, to look at it, and other black. 

And while they are immortal, all they die."*

And Plutarch, a Greek historian, presents Kleovoulini to participate in the symposium of the Seven Sages as a creator of intellectual games and riddles.

While the most people know about the wise Kleovoulos, few are those who know about his wonderful daughter.

This is one of the reasons we chose her name, as our house’s name.

A beautiful name with a beautiful meaning, offers the occasion to travel in history.

So, KLEOVOULINI’S house is located in the center of Lindos, a 3’ walk from the central square. The two beaches of the village, the BIG main beach and the small seashore is about 10’ walking.

This is a recently completed independent and self-catered accommodation. The couple of owners with a lot of personal work and artistic passion took seven years to develop an old abandoned and dilapidated building - a gift from aunt Marianthi Ganotakis-Kentrou - a house that combines traditional elements with modern comforts decoration and functionality.

It has elements of traditional architecture: wooden ceilings in the bedrooms, stone arch separating the kitchen with fitted lindian old dishes (skouteles), carved sofa. Also, decorative symbols of naval state of ancient Lindos executed by the owners in paintings, carved in construction and pebbled floors. In the inner patio an orange tree shades the stone seat. The outdoor patio has a traditional pebble floor and pebble stone seats with designs. It has even a balcony overlooking the ancient acropolis of Lindos.

It consists of three bedrooms and two baths. The two bedrooms on the ground floor share a bathroom with bathtub. To the third bedroom, 

with a spacious balcony and its own bathroom with shower, leads a external traditional lindian staircase made by sandstone and pebble designs... From there you can admire the great views facing the Acropolis and the sea in the background on the left and the right.


One of the two bedrooms on the ground floor has a traditional raised bed with two mattresses LINEA and a small courtyard with clothes horse. The big bedroom has two single beds, flat screen TV and DVD player.

And can be used as a hall for wedding preparation (bridesmaid dress) because the second bed has a mechanism to enter below the first and became a sofa. Thus offers enough space for guests.

Air conditioners and ceiling fans are in every room (4 A / C + 4 ceiling fans)

The kitchen-dining room on the ground floor is equipped with all basic cooking and serving utensils in the appropriate cabinets.

It also has the following electrical apparatus and machines for use:

•         washing machine 

•         electric stove with 4 hotplates and a large oven pans 

•         refrigerator 

•         electric coffee-pot for filter coffee 

•         electric coffee-pot for Greek coffee 

•         kettle 1,7 lt, 



•         juice-maker

•         electric mixer “frappe” 

•         toaster 

•         Rowenta iron for clothes 

•         Vacuum cleaner 

•         TV SONY SMART TV 

•         DVD Player

•         hair dryer


KLEOVOULINI’S house offers independence, self-care capacity and accommodation up to 6 persons (a group or a family). It is suitable also for a couple, who chooses to do the wedding in Lindos, for wedding preparation and subsequent stay, with the possibility to receive visitors and friends.

 The owners clean the house and change linen and towels every week (after seven 7 nights.)

During seven nights are available to tenants extra towels for face and body use.

For further information, technical support or any other need, immediate response after a call through landline and mobile phone 

and via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. EFFIE ZACHAROPOULOU


In the neighborhood and very close to the house you will find several restaurants, bars, supermarket, mini market, internet café, agencies that organize tours by coach  or by ship or car hire for touring the island. 

In the square there are taxis for private use. 

Regular public bus service connects Lindos with other villages and Rhodes town.

Rhodes town and the port are 50 km. away, while the Diagoras International Airport is 60 km. away. At the entrance and exit of the village there is a public parking for people interested to rent a car and tour the island starting from Lindos. Small boats starting from Lindos organize day trips to various beaches up to the main port of Rhodes.

Information on attractions, events and recreational activities that can have visitors during their stay, can be found at the e-mail addresses:




* See the book "GREAT WOMEN OF ANTIQUITY" by Anthoula Chatzigeorgiou, page 38, VERETTA’S PUBLISHING  in the library of the sleeping-room with the sofa.









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