Bakery Apostolas Pefkos

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There you can find fresh bread/sweets/pies everyday.



Tradition in Quality

Apostolas is a successful family company that deals with the production of handmade pastries, ice cream & baked goods.

Manufactured exclusively in certified factory units, our products are marked by a distinguished quality, leading us to the top of the Greek pastry market. Providing a safe and healthy establishment that ensures exceptional working conditions for our staff enables us to better meet our business objectives and the growing demands of our clientele. In this way, upholding the conditions set for all qualified ISO factory units has allowed the Apostolas company to continue its growth and success, whilst still retaining the traditional way of manufacturing products in their purest form.

Our aim, despite the difficult economic state of Greece, is to face the forthcoming challenges of the market by maintaining the exceptional value for money of our products. Our administration’s extensive experience combined with our staff’s expertise and dedication gives us confidence that our products provide clients with the highest quality and taste.

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